Monday, January 28, 2013

Template Editor update

We purchased the Domain name '' over the weekend in preparation for releasing the updated & recoded Template Editor.  I'm trying to restrain early enthusiasm, but if it lives up to the specs, there will not be a viable rival on the web.  Several required features were ticked off last week and when it reaches Beta, we'll be putting it up at, complete with variable data (personalized) demos and samples.

Finding a 'good', available domain name is not my idea of fun, but this one would seem to fit the bill as far as SEO.

Had a chuckle this AM when I received a letter from an 'entrepreneur', that claimed they had appraised the worth of the domain at $50,512.  Now that's a pretty good ROI for two days.  
$12 -> $50,512 


A quick check on (which we also own), displayed  ~ $350 k.  All I need to do is sit around all day coming up with domain names & I'd be rich in a week.

Something tells me the site review wasn't overly fussy about placement of the decimal points.

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