Friday, December 7, 2012

Pdf for metatags & SEO

I noticed earlier today that a few of the metatags that we're focusing on, return a fair number of links to pdfs on the first page of Google and the other engines. 

One of us decided to try a small experiment and used the Template (Print design tool) editor + PdfLib to create a 5000 x 5000 pixel pdf with the majority of the external site's text, along with a few links.  The Template editor allows for adding in metatags, so she added a few, spooled the pdf and added it as a link in the footer on the index page.

I'm far from being a proponent of the black art of SEO, but it would seem that the content in the pdf would supplement the content provided directly on the index page - and lead to more possible results when searched.

We'll test next week and search for specific text that should only return results to the Web Manager.  If the index page is listed above the original content page, then we'll be able to pretend that we're smarter than a search engine.

Joking aside, it could be useful, particularly for new websites.  An all-in-one, supplemental page.  We'll see.


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