Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Last minute Employee Videos (benefits, retirement, enrollment)

One of our affiliate companies, HR Communications, will begin providing Employee Videos for any Employee Benefit Enrollment firms or customers that are in a bind and need a short, customized video for:

- Benefit Enrollment Videos
- Orientation videos
- Retirement Videos
- Policies & Procedures videos
- Safety Videos
- Training videos
- Benefit Statements & Total Compensation Statements

I'd think end of year Benefit Enrollment would be the most pressing need.

Other details that were passed on to me:

Custom sizes, including YouTube Widescreen HD.  Will set up Chapters and YouTube annotations. Will supply embed code (for local server).
Output as swf, html5, Mac Executable (.app), Windows Executable (.exe), MP4, IPhone.  Can also serve from our servers.
  Contact HR Communications here. 

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