Saturday, December 1, 2012

EU Safe Harbor

 Spinbackup - an online backup system - is a branch of the Web system and also use Postgresql, along with several Amazon Cloud Services.

Received this last night, so it looks like we'll be more likely to get European customers:

Dear Mike Ellsworth,

Congratulations!  After thorough review, TRUSTe has approved the privacy practices and statement for We are very pleased and honored to present SpinBackUp with a customized TRUSTe hosted HTML code, ready for implementation!  This code contains the TRUSTe seal and validation page to clearly and proudly demonstrate your commitment to privacy and compliance with the US-EU Safe Harbor Privacy Principles, to your customers and partners.  It has been a sincere pleasure working with you, not to mention, how excited we are to have you as our newest seal holder!  We look forward to seeing it displayed on your site(s).

This email serves as your EU Letter of Verification from TRUSTe.

Which is more good news.   

My next step is:

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