Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Last minute Employee Videos (benefits, retirement, enrollment)

One of our affiliate companies, HR Communications, will begin providing Employee Videos for any Employee Benefit Enrollment firms or customers that are in a bind and need a short, customized video for:

- Benefit Enrollment Videos
- Orientation videos
- Retirement Videos
- Policies & Procedures videos
- Safety Videos
- Training videos
- Benefit Statements & Total Compensation Statements

I'd think end of year Benefit Enrollment would be the most pressing need.

Other details that were passed on to me:

Custom sizes, including YouTube Widescreen HD.  Will set up Chapters and YouTube annotations. Will supply embed code (for local server).
Output as swf, html5, Mac Executable (.app), Windows Executable (.exe), MP4, IPhone.  Can also serve from our servers.
  Contact HR Communications here. 

PostgreSql news

Took awhile, but PostgreSql announced spinbackup.



Monday, December 17, 2012

Google API and the Web Manager System

Part of being admitted to the Google Apps Marketplace is a demonstrated proficiency with Google Apps API.  I'd encourage other groups to spend time on becoming familiar with their various libraries, the most important of which (in my mind) is Google Account Authentication.  The list is below, with those in blue being the ones we've committed into the Web Manager System.

1- Android
2- Blogger Data API
3- Code for Educators
4- Developer Events
5- FeedBurner APIs
6- GMail Atom Feeds
7- Google Ajax APIs
8- Google Ajax Feed API
9- Google Ajax Search API
10- Google Account Authentication
11- Google AdSense API
12- Google Adwords API
13- Google Analytics
14- Google Apps APIs
15- Google Base Data API
16- Google Calendar APIs and Tools
17- Google Campfire One
18- Google Chart API
19- Google Checkpout API
20- Google Code Search
21- Google Code Search Data API
22- Google Coupon Feeds
23- Google Data APIs
24- Google Desktop Gadget API
25- Google Desktop Search API
26- Google Documents List API
27- Google Gadgets API
28- Google Gears API
29- Google KML
30- Google Mac Developer Playground
31- Google Mapplets
32- Google Maps API
33- Google Mashup Editor
34- Google News Feed
35- Google Notebook Data API
36- Google Safe Browsing APIs
37- Google Search Appliance APIs
38- Google Search History Feeds
39- Google Sitemaps
40- Google Sketchup Ruby API
41- Google Spreadsheets Data API
42- Google Talk XMPP
43- Google Themes API
44- Google Toolbar API
45- Google Transit Feed Specification
46- Google Web Toolkit
47-Highly Open Participation Contest
48- Open Source
49- OpenSocial
50- Orkut
51- Picasa Web Albums Data API
52- Project Hosting
53- Summer of Code
54- YouTube Data API

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Yahoo Voices

The Web Manager System and spinbackup (online Google backup service) received a short writeup today in Yahoo Voices:


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Site cleanup

We just saved the xml for 173 site pages as a zip file, then deleted those pages and reindexed the site.  Checked using our internal Application Analyzer and spotted a small jquery onclick event that needed fixing.  Did a few tests with site search and all looks ok.  Still blows my mind how fast Text Search is with PostgreSql. More importantly, Iama made a prediction on tomorrow's Buffalo Bills game via our Twitter feed and as expected, a handful of diehard Bills fans came and checked her prediction (I checked the access logs), wondering "who is Iama"?  I also edited a blog post for spinbackup that should go up Monday.

Next week, we start a small Marketing campaign with StumbleUpon, watch for our PostgreSql press release, add one more vid, design week by week lesson plans and add a few more files that people can use when testing a new, free account.

Go Bills!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Pdf for metatags & SEO

I noticed earlier today that a few of the metatags that we're focusing on, return a fair number of links to pdfs on the first page of Google and the other engines. 

One of us decided to try a small experiment and used the Template (Print design tool) editor + PdfLib to create a 5000 x 5000 pixel pdf with the majority of the external site's text, along with a few links.  The Template editor allows for adding in metatags, so she added a few, spooled the pdf and added it as a link in the footer on the index page.

I'm far from being a proponent of the black art of SEO, but it would seem that the content in the pdf would supplement the content provided directly on the index page - and lead to more possible results when searched.

We'll test next week and search for specific text that should only return results to the Web Manager.  If the index page is listed above the original content page, then we'll be able to pretend that we're smarter than a search engine.

Joking aside, it could be useful, particularly for new websites.  An all-in-one, supplemental page.  We'll see.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

PostgreSql Press Release

Submitted my first PostgreSql press release today - about the online Cloud, Google Backup system, spinbackup, which uses Google ID (OAuth 2.0).

It's a little painful to acknowledge that we're been using PG for 8 years now - and this is the first release.

Hopefully, that will change - real soon.

Release is awaiting approval from PostgreSql Moderators.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Web Manager System -> Website update

The new web site went  live a few minutes ago. 
Web Manager System ... Web Office ... Cloud Manager ... Data Manager .... Content Manager ... Print and Documents Manager.

There are still files and pics I want to add, but should be easier to understand for most folks.  Ended up with a 2 hours of Vid and about 150 fewer pages. 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Web Manager: Design & create a pdf online for Variable Data Print

Added another Web Manager System video.  It's ok I'm working on a Sunday because the Bills are blacked out.  Seem to be doing better without me watching them..... ahead at halftime.

This vid covers variable data print (VDP).  Shows how to design a pdf online, embed data columns from a PostgreSQL table, create and add a QR Code, spool the multi-page pdf and view in the main frame of the browser while inside of the account.  Very useful for target marketing -> The Power of Personalization.

To reiterate what I said yesterday, right now, we're the best.  The upcoming Template designer will raise the bar. Interested investors had best contact me now.

ehh.  guess I'll need to add it later.  Blogger seems lost finding the vid for the moment.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Online, Pdf Designer from the Web Manager System

Added another Web Manager video, using the online WYSIWYG Print Designer to create a pdf, then print from within your account.  This tool is being recoded and although it is already the best on the web, it will soon be raising the bar.  We will use the Full join, PostgreSql query I posted the other day to make a variable data print pdf in an upcoming video.

This tool is being recoded right now.  It's been the best on the web for the last 8 years but we are about to raise the bar.  If you are an investor, now's the time to get in touch with us.  The updated version is going to be hot.

EU Safe Harbor

 Spinbackup - an online backup system - is a branch of the Web system and also use Postgresql, along with several Amazon Cloud Services.

Received this last night, so it looks like we'll be more likely to get European customers:

Dear Mike Ellsworth,

Congratulations!  After thorough review, TRUSTe has approved the privacy practices and statement for http://www.spinbackup.com. We are very pleased and honored to present SpinBackUp with a customized TRUSTe hosted HTML code, ready for implementation!  This code contains the TRUSTe seal and validation page to clearly and proudly demonstrate your commitment to privacy and compliance with the US-EU Safe Harbor Privacy Principles, to your customers and partners.  It has been a sincere pleasure working with you, not to mention, how excited we are to have you as our newest seal holder!  We look forward to seeing it displayed on your site(s).

This email serves as your EU Letter of Verification from TRUSTe.

Which is more good news.   

My next step is: