Friday, November 30, 2012

PostgreSQL Full Join, import csv

Made another Web Manager vid. This one covers:

  • adding a column to a table, 
  • adding default values, 
  • importing a csv, 
  • field mapping
  • creating a Full Join with conditions, 
  • coalesce, string concatenation. 
I'm trying to create a 'storyline' here about Iama, a mythical Knowledge Worker that is determined to learn and is not into instant gratification. Her cohort (a developer), Bridget, occasionally busts Iama but respects her persistence.

 In this vid, Iama was trying to join 2 reasonably similar tables: a contact table with data pulled from a web contact form + a customer table with more/different columns. I toyed with doing a Union, but decided a Full Join would be a bit easier. Creating these vids and battling with Adobe Captivate 6 is a bit time consuming. This one took two, full days.

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