Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Right Tools for the Job at Hand

I recently did a tear down of the roof of my 80 year old 28' x 20' garage, just before nature (rain/snow/high winds) did  it for free.  Six layers of shingles, rotten rafters and leaks that allowed easy access & egress for squirrels indicated its life was complete.

I made my first trip up the ladder with a crowbar and a hammer, flailed for a couple of hours and decided it was time to revise my strategy.  A different set of tools were required or I'd be up there when the snow kicks in four months from now.  Eventually, I settled on a sledgehammer and a sabre saw.  I then learned another factoid; you can't load 80 lbs of shingles and rotten wood into a 3 mm thickness lawn and leaf bag, at least not if you want to get it to the trash without tearing & scattering all over your yard.  I filled 130 heavy duty contractor waste bags and began dragging them 1 x 1 the 40 yards to the front of my house and learned after trip #5 that a wheelbarrow was a real fine invention.  That wheel makes a difference.

Younicycle is a Platform as a Service, but also has 15 Major Tools and an additional 16 Admin/Helper Tools.  Each of these Tools were designed specifically to allow Developers work together within a Cloud IDE (Integrated Development Environment).  Several of the Cloud IDE Tools are better suited for Content Developers (WYSIWYG), while others enable Application Developers to fully utilize their expertise (Code), such as an integrated Php Editor with SVN - or PGSQL Editor for writing Trigger functions (example).

We supply the Tools, the safe coding environment, the server resources, the server Admin + on board Experts that will help a bit, but you'll still need to supply the effort.  

Next time, we'll cover Settings -> Manage Account -> Settings.  Thought it might be interesting to show how to use Younicycle as a SaaS Aggregator.

Account Details Platform as a Service

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