Friday, July 20, 2012

Google Provides Free Taxi Service

As I was about to finish up on yesterday's post and explain how the combination of Younicycle - Pixlr - Google can lead to unexpected integration, I bumped into this post from Loraine Lawson at ITBusinessEdge (excerpt);

"Cloud integration is going to require planning, some serious investigation into your options, and a hard look at how integration will impact your total cost of ownership for any SaaS solution."

We didn't plan the partial, younicycle <-> pixlr SaaS integration as I discovered it by accident (aka, messing around), but it wouldn't work if Google did not taxi the data.

Pixlr can push and pull images to and from Picasa.  Younicycle can push and pull images to and from Picasa, with a kicker - it can be automated as one part of our Google integrated backup serviceThis taxi service and data bridge should allow us to create a wide range of relationships and productivity for those SaaS that have adopted OAuth 2.0 + additional, required Google code.  
Tomorrow I'll write a short post on how to pull that simple image created at Pixlr from Google and into Younicycle, all done from within a Younicycle, PaaS Account.

Have a good Friday night and if you need a taxi, Google only transports data, not humans.

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