Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cloud IDE. Simple can be Good.

 If you make it through the first four paragraphs of this PaaS post, you'll find an interesting idea.

The web interface displayed below is one page of the Administrative web front-end within an Account.  Within this web interface are 'read-only' items, combination lists, input text fields, buttons, a checkbox and labels with the data being stored and retrieved from PostgreSQL tables.  The web interface was designed by an Application Developer and intended to be used by a Content Developer. 

Big deal, so what, not impressed?

What if we provided all of the internal Tools to create a similar web form?  Younicycle does provide all of the tools necessary to build this form, store, retrieve and manipulate the data.  So, the two of you (Content + Application Developer) will be able to create your own complete SaaS and you'll be able to do it online.
To us, that's the point of a Cloud IDE. Develop online, collaborate, save money, be more efficient.

On a scale of 0 to 10, I personally rate the difficulty of Settings ... Manage Account ... Details
as a 0.  It's simple and in this case,  simple is good.  Although this Account set-up form is simple, it applies default values to other aspects of your Platform as a Service Account.  Within this set up form is one hidden Gem that I find particularly useful (Add new link (18 -> 29).

New, vertical SaaS are popping up every hour, but there is one that I find particularly useful; Pixlr.  
Pixlr enables you to create and edit images online and like Younicycle, supports GoogleID, OpenID and integrates with other Google services.

From their Blog: "both Pixlr Editor and Pixlr Express now work with Google Drive."  Well, we do too.  

Now lets connect the dots.  You have logged into your PaaS account, you go to Settings ...Manage Account .... Details and add a link to Pixlr (# 19 through #22 in the image).  The link we added to pixlr is now available from the Tools menu so we can go directly to pixlr and, using GoogleID (which we also support), I can login to my pixlr account - and do it from within my Younicycle PaaS account.

Now I use pixlr as usual and either edit an existing image or create a new image.  When I Save I will be given an option of saving to my local PC, or to Google Picasa (+ other options).  Younicycle is ALSO integrated with Google Picasa so pulling that image into Younicycle from Google Picasa is a no-brainer.  

As a result, we now have integrated one SaaS (pixlr) into the Platform as a Service.  Thus, Younicycle also = an SaaS Aggregator.  

After log in to pixlr, I work, save to Picasa.  Next Blog, I'll show how to pull that image from Picasa into my Younicycle account.

Simple is good.  Cloud software.

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