Monday, February 4, 2013

Paul Harvey, Super Bowl

Paul Harvey originally delivered the speech in 1978 at a Future Farmer's of America (FFA) convention.

Contrast this to a recent Employee Benefit News survey : Employees' top 10 desired perks.
- 1/2 day Fridays
- Daily Catered lunches
- Massages
- A nap room
- Private restroom.
+ a few other 'must have' items

Who said today's Americans have become spoiled?

Monday, January 28, 2013

Template Editor update

We purchased the Domain name '' over the weekend in preparation for releasing the updated & recoded Template Editor.  I'm trying to restrain early enthusiasm, but if it lives up to the specs, there will not be a viable rival on the web.  Several required features were ticked off last week and when it reaches Beta, we'll be putting it up at, complete with variable data (personalized) demos and samples.

Finding a 'good', available domain name is not my idea of fun, but this one would seem to fit the bill as far as SEO.

Had a chuckle this AM when I received a letter from an 'entrepreneur', that claimed they had appraised the worth of the domain at $50,512.  Now that's a pretty good ROI for two days.  
$12 -> $50,512 


A quick check on (which we also own), displayed  ~ $350 k.  All I need to do is sit around all day coming up with domain names & I'd be rich in a week.

Something tells me the site review wasn't overly fussy about placement of the decimal points.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Benefits, Compensation & Financial Services Directory (Free Listing)

We do a fair amount of work for Benefits, Compensation & Financial Services Consultants & Advisers and had several brief conversations with customers about general 'business' and their relative lack of exposure on the web.  SEO stuff I guess, though I would never lay claim to being an expert at SEO.  One item came up in every conversation; the difficulty in getting any inbound links in that type of business.

Now, that's not to say that you can't add links at non-related directories, but I see little point in the exercise.  You can also pay for links, but $300 here and a $1,000 there can add up in a hurry, with little return.  In addition, the link directories that you do manage to find that are pertinent to that profession are scattered all over, with the majority of them requiring that you purchase 'membership' just to see plain text.  You'd think that an href tag was incredibly heavy.  Total nonsense.

IMO, Web Pirates are in play.  "Take what you can and give nothing back."

We certainly have the server power, database and the web-tools, so I decided that we'd build a Benefits, Compensation & Financial Services directory at HR Communications.  No charge, no hooks, no gimmicks, just a fair exchange.

As of today, Benefits, Compensation, Financial Services and Human Resources Professionals can add a listing, link or url at no charge.  Companies, vendors, individuals - I don't care.  In return, we ask that they poke around our site and at least understand what we do and how we may able to work together at some point in the future.

We'll create a subdomain of HR Communications + an interface for creating and editing the listing, but with The Web System that's no big deal.

So if you know anyone in HR, Benefits, Compensation or Financial Services and they'd like to submit a listing - send them our way.  No hooks.  No upsell.  Submit your site for free here.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Web Manager System (dusted off old content)

I noticed some old content (web manager system examples) that has not been in the public realm for several years.  Decided to test it and lo and behold, the examples still work.

These examples were originally made four years ago, with older versions of PostgreSql, Php, Apache, Debian -- yet they are still ticking.

We'll be cleaning them up a little and adding a few web manager system tutorial videos over the next moth.

Nevertheless, they are are here: Web Manager System Examples.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Spinbackup approved for Google App's Marketplace

Received a succinct email a couple of hours ago, from:

Google Solutions Marketplace

The approval status of your listing 'Spinbackup - Backup and Restore for Google Apps - Cloud Backup Provider' has been changed to APPROVED.

Spinbackup is a branch of The Web Manager System and has been in progress for ~ 1 year.  It was recently announced at, but this approval by Google Solutions Marketplace is additional, good news.

Spinbackup, automates backup of all things Google - to AWS, which is no mean feat.

Congrats to the programmers!

The official listing is here.  Give it a try + a thumbs up.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Last minute Employee Videos (benefits, retirement, enrollment)

One of our affiliate companies, HR Communications, will begin providing Employee Videos for any Employee Benefit Enrollment firms or customers that are in a bind and need a short, customized video for:

- Benefit Enrollment Videos
- Orientation videos
- Retirement Videos
- Policies & Procedures videos
- Safety Videos
- Training videos
- Benefit Statements & Total Compensation Statements

I'd think end of year Benefit Enrollment would be the most pressing need.

Other details that were passed on to me:

Custom sizes, including YouTube Widescreen HD.  Will set up Chapters and YouTube annotations. Will supply embed code (for local server).
Output as swf, html5, Mac Executable (.app), Windows Executable (.exe), MP4, IPhone.  Can also serve from our servers.
  Contact HR Communications here. 

PostgreSql news

Took awhile, but PostgreSql announced spinbackup.